Quarter 1 Overview
Before students receive teaching and training in particular areas of ministry, they need to know who they are and whose they are. The first quarter focuses on the royal identity we receive as sons and daughters of God who have received an inheritance to do the works of Jesus and even greater works (Jn 14:12). Throughout the quarter students work to shift from a performance based mentality where their value and identity comes from what they do for God and into an identity where their value comes from who they are as sons and daughters of God alone. Students learn about the nature of transformation by the renewal of the mind and seek to shift from thinking from an earthly perspective to a heavenly perspective in regard to ministry (Matt 16:23).

In each class students come to understand and experience their identity as temples of the Holy Spirit, be convicted of the new nature we have received from Jesus through baptism, live in the power of the Holy Spirit and respond to the authority we have received to expand the kingdom of God for a life of mission. In each class, students encounter new realms of God’s love and how the Father sees us in Jesus.


Example from Class: 

Student Testimonies
from Quarter 1:

I am Worthy

I am Worthy

When I first came to the Encounter school I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought and hoped...

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Exclusive Opportunites for our ESM Students:

Power Evangelization

We provide unique opportunites throughout the year for our students to step out in boldness and minister to those around them. This includes oportunities for:

  • Street evangelization
  • Serving on prayer teams during Healing Services
  • Nights of Prophetic Ministry and more

Worship Ministry

We encourage our students with musical gifts to volunteer and serve with our pre-school Praise and Worship ministry.

Inner Healing Ministry

Our students have opportunites to serve in God’s mission to set captives free through the Inner Healing Ministry, which includes specialized training and experiences.


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