2-Year Curriculum


  Before approval, our curriculum undergoes a rigorous academic curriculum review with a team of respected Catholic theologians.

Identity & Transformation

Q1 Overview:   Before students receive teaching and training in particular areas of ministry, they need to know who they are and whose they are. The first quarter focuses on the royal identity we receive as sons and daughters of God who have received an inheritance to do the works of Jesus and even greater works (Jn 14:12). Throughout the quarter students work to shift from a performance based mentality where their value and identity comes from what they do for God and into an identity where their value comes from who they are as sons and daughters of God alone. Students learn about the nature of transformation by the renewal of the mind and seek to shift from thinking from an earthly perspective to a heavenly perspective in regard to ministry (Matt 16:23). 

In each class students come to understand and experience their identity as temples of the Holy Spirit, be convicted of the new nature we have received from Jesus through baptism, live in the power of the Holy Spirit and respond to the authority we have received to expand the kingdom of God for a life of mission.  In each class, students encounter new realms of God’s love and how the Father sees us in Jesus.

Power & Healing

Q2 Overview: Before Jesus gave the Eucharist or even the Holy Spirit to his disciples, he called his disciples to preach the Gospel and expected them to heal the sick (Mt 10:7-8; Luke 10:9).  Jesus never proclaimed the Gospel without demonstrating and confirming the message with accompanying demonstrations of power – with physical healing being the most frequent sign. In this quarter, students learn a theology of healing that includes the role of healing in evangelization and the wisdom that healing ministry is done from a place of love and compassion for the sick. They will also learn a basic non-Sacramental prayer model for healing ministry and receive many opportunities in a safe and humble environment to participate in healing prayer both as individuals and in team settings. Students will also receive sessions on understanding the role of faith in healing ministry, words of knowledge for healing, the power of peace and how to overcome the discouragement that we can experience when healing does not occur. Overall, students will gain greater confidence to respond to Jesus’ invitation that “all who believe” can be used by God to bring healing to the world around them (Mk 16:18).

Hearing God's Voice & the Prophetic Works of the Holy Spirit

Q3 Overview:   Jesus taught us that He is the good shepherd and we are his sheep and that we hear his voice (Jn 10:4).  In the first part of this quarter, students will understand that their ability to hear God’s voice comes from who they are in God and not what they do for Him. Students will spend time learning the “language of the Holy Spirit” who speaks to us through us and the discernment needed to identify his voice from either our own or the enemy’s. After growing in greater understanding and confidence to hear God’s voice for their own life, students will learn what it means to share in Christ’s prophetic office (Lumen Gentium 12) and to seek out and discover the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit for ministry. As the Scripture teaches that we are to “earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, above all that we would prophesy” (1 Cor 14:1), our students come to understand that the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit are simply a matter of hearing God’s voice for the world around us that would have the effect of building up, encouraging and consoling others in Christ (1 Cor 14:3).  In this quarter, students will have many creative opportunities for prophetic ministry with one another and opportunities for honest feedback and growth rooted in love.

Inner Healing & Freedom

Q4 Overview:  God has revealed himself as the Lord who “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Ps 147:3). In this quarter, students will be equipped to engage in the ministry of inner healing and freedom. Students will have the opportunity to grow in God’s heart and desire to see the broken made whole and seek to cultivate tools and skill sets to partner with the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the heart. Students will learn the anatomy of the wounds that we experience in life and how to partner with Jesus to bring freedom from the lies, unforgiveness and disorder that come as a result of these wounds. Jesus also desires his children to be free from the influence of evil spirits. This quarter also teaches how to lead people into greater freedom from the influence of the enemy and to walk in the full protection of God (Ps 91, Eph 6).

Power Evangelization

Q5 Overview:   Up until this point, all of the content that has been presented to the students can happen inside the four walls of the Church.  In this quarter students will learn practical ways to effectively preach and present the Gospel to those in need of His salvation and grow in faith to demonstrate the reality of the kingdom through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Students will learn that evangelization accompanied by demonstrations of the power of God are part of our heritage going back to the early Church (1 Cor 2:3-5). Students will learn that the Church ultimately exists to evangelize and will be exposed to the rich tradition of teaching on evangelization we have as Catholics.  They will learn how to present the basic Gospel message and the response that is necessary to the Gospel. Students will learn the power of testimony to opening someone up to faith in Jesus and how to effectively share their testimony. They will discover the keys to growing in faith and boldness to evangelize and practical ways to incorporate the prophetic gifts and healing for Evangelization.

Intimacy with God

Q6 Overview:   As the students have spent a majority of their time growing and cultivating their ministry gifts and skill sets, they need to understand the necessity of cultivating a greater and mature prayer life and become convinced that all fruitful ministry flows from intimacy with God.  Jesus ultimately died for us not just so we could get to heaven, but that we could have the same kind of relationship that He enjoyed with the Father. Jesus modeled for us what intimacy looks like and this intimacy with the Father flows through Jesus in the Holy Spirit. From the richness of our vast spiritual tradition and the teaching of the spiritual doctors of the Church, students will learn how to engage in greater intimacy with God through scripture, meditative prayer, and contemplative prayer. They will dive into the riches in the Song of Songs, learn how to worship and seek after God’s own heart through the witness of David.  Students will have an opportunity to grow in intercession, learn the practice of the discernment of spirits and cultivate a lifestyle of practicing the presence of God through abiding in Jesus..

Advanced Ministry Training

Q7 Overview:   In the seventh quarter, we will go into more advanced areas of ministry that we were not able to address in the first year.  In this quarter, seasoned leaders in each major area of ministry will be presenting to the students on advanced ministry approaches to seek greater fruitfulness and faith.

Leadership & Deployment

Q8 Overview:   Each member of the Church has received a call from God to participate in the Great Commission.  To that end, God has put various dreams and visions on the hearts of the faithful to see the kingdom of God manifest in the world.  In this quarter, we equip our students first with the faith that God wants to use them and see their kingdom dreams come to pass. He is looking for great saints that want to do great things in the world for him.  Flowing from that reality, we will equip our students with practical tools and skills for the ability to both integrate what they’ve learned with existing parishes and communities as well as the wisdom and knowledge needed to launch to build and grow both new and existing apostolates or ministries.  Students will also learn and be inspired by current leaders in the New Evangelization that have come before them as well to propel them to go forth from the school to build the kingdom of God in their spheres of influence.

Trusted Teachings

Throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, Encounter Ministries engaged in a rigorous academic curriculum review with a team of respected Catholic theologians to vet the Encounter School curriculum. Each professor was given full access to the content taught at the Encounter School for their selected quarters. Not only did they work to guarantee that the curriculum is free from moral and doctrinal error and rooted deeply in Scripture, official Church teaching and the testimony of the early Church fathers, but they helped to provide greater precision and accuracy in the curriculum to diminish possible confusion and ensure full continuity with Church teaching.

Curriculum Review Team

We celebrate an atmosphere of faith and childlike worship as we teach and activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit that flow from our supernatural identity in Christ and flow out as supernatural ministry for Christ. Throughout the year, students are invited to participate in Healing Services, street evangelization, sharing testimonies and more.

Example Class 

Example Class*:  6PM Worship, prayer, testimonies | 6:45PM Lesson #1 | 7:20PM Activations | 7:40PM Break
8:00PM Lesson #2 | 8:35PM Activations | 9PM Closing Prayer
(*Actual times and structure vary by campus) 


ESM values freedom and joy in our response to God’s goodness. We express this in our school culture through childlike worship. Classes begin with an extended time of praise as we cultivate our awareness of God’s manifest presence and celebrate together His goodness.


Drawing from the riches of Catholic Tradition and Scripture, ESM focuses on transformation through the renewal of the mind. Our students learn to think with Jesus through teaching sessions, homework, discussion groups, and Q&A as they grow in their identity as royal sons and daughters of God.   Instructors >>


Encounter School values class culture that is driven by freedom, risk-taking, empowerment, respect, healthy boundaries, humility, feedback, and docility. Our students are challenged to grow in their God-given identity through a high level of student interaction in activations, prayer, and worship. We see empowered lifestyles thrive as we celebrate the goodness of God in every step of student growth!


The gifts of the Spirit are part of our inheritance in Christ that, among other things, are meant to equip us for mission. Activations are powerful spiritual opportunities that help us experience the fullness of our identity and bring heaven to earth. 

Exclusive Opportunities for our ESM Students:

Power Evangelization

We provide unique opportunites throughout the year for our students to step out in boldness and minister to those around them. This includes oportunities for:

  • Street evangelization
  • Serving on prayer teams during Healing Services
  • Nights of Prophetic Ministry and more

Worship Ministry

We encourage our students with musical gifts to volunteer and serve with our pre-school Praise and Worship ministry.

International Mission Trips

Our ESM students have an opportunity to travel with Encounter Ministries as we host international conferences, step out in boldness and explore our rich Catholic Heritage. 

Inner Healing Ministry

Our students have opportunites to serve in God’s mission to set captives free through the Inner Healing Ministry, which includes specialized training and experiences.

Find Your Campus

We have campuses onsite and online for the full 2-year Encounter School of Ministry with classes meeting once per week. Enrollment is for one year, so you can discern your continuation as a Year 2 student. We believe the extended 2-year discipleship, training and practice in stepping out in faith is necessary to obtain the understanding, confidence and perseverance in the supernatural lifestyle God is calling you to.  *Class dates and times vary by campus location.

2-Year School of Ministry

We have campuses onsite and online for the full 2-year Encounter School of Ministry with classes meeting once per week. Enrollment is for one year, so you can discern your continuation as a Year 2 student. We believe the extended 2-year discipleship, training and practice in stepping out in faith is necessary to obtain the understanding, confidence and perseverance in the supernatural lifestyle God is calling you to. 

*Class dates and times vary by campus location.


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