Confidence in Praying for Healing

Before I even heard of Encounter Ministries, I really felt the Lord was leading me to move to Ann Arbor to move into a season of deeper formation and learning. I have been extremely active in the Charismatic Renewal on a national level for over 10 years and I am a national Catholic speaker and evangelist. I have operated in most of the charisms since I attended Franciscan University as a college student, but I really felt inadequate when praying over people for healing. My husband and I started to do parish missions for all ages throughout the US and Canada and I would get more and more requests to pray for different ailments. I knew I had an anointing for the gift of preaching, evangelization, knowledge and inner healing but I never felt I had it for healing. Over the years, I did see from time to time people getting healed through my prayer but felt that was the exception and not the rule. Recently, my husband Dan and I led a parish mission in Kirkland, WA. On the last night of the mission, we were leading people in worship in preparation for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I felt led to pray for people with headaches and people said they got immediate relief. In our one on one prayer ministry, people were healed. One woman wrote, “I have to tell you, after you and Dan prayed over me on Saturday for the pains in my leg I have had little or no pain since then! My husband is in disbelief! Thank you so very much!”

– Caroline Gambale-Dirkes
Main Campus (Brighton)