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We’re excited to be extending the access of the Encounter School of Ministry to the Asia Pacific region with online sessions in local time zones!










Campus Leadership


Martin and Donna are the Co-Directors of ESM Brisbane campus. They were married in 1995 and are blessed with seven children. Throughout their teenage, young adult and married years Martin and Donna have always been active in the Church with ministries focused on evangelisation. In 1988 Martin and Donna were ‘reborn in the Spirit’ (John 3:5) a transforming encounter of the love of God that super-charged their service to His Bride. Their faith journey has been supernaturally blessed with miracles, healings and providence from the accompaniment and intercession in particular of St Therese of Lisieux, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St Joseph and Pope St John Paul II. At World Youth Day 1991 Pope Saint John Paul II personally welcomed and commissioned Donna in the closing mass to receive and return with the ‘Light of Christ’ as the Australasian youth representative of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. 


In 2018 Martin and Donna relocated their family to Brisbane Queensland, Australia, for reasons the Holy Spirit continues to unfold. In 2020 during COVID Martin was inspired to initiate a ‘virtual Pentecost Pilgrimage’ attracting international speakers and tens of thousands of pilgrims from ninety countries during that period of global lockdowns and isolation. Martin and Donna have a call on their lives for igniting the Asia-Pacific in the love of Christ and His Church with the launch of ESM Brisbane as a key ‘beach head’ for the Southern Hemisphere. Despite conventional wisdom, Martin and Donna launched a thriving hospitality business during the height of the COVID pandemic, Donna is currently the Australian Lead for ‘Alpha in the Catholic Context – Australia’. Martin has had an international business career and holds a bachelor degree and a Masters in Business Administration.

Campus Leadership Team - Full of Joy and Hope

The ESM Brisbane leadership team is full of joy and hope in expectation of the new work Jesus is doing through Encounter in Brisbane Australia. The team are full of excitement for the foundations being placed, especially their role in the alignment of an online ESM for the broader Asia Pacific region time zones. The Brisbane leadership team comprises Fr Neville Yunn, a busy Brisbane diocesan priest with a heart for the renewal of the Church, former chaplain to the Emmanuel Community Brisbane, currently based at Mother of Mercy Catholic parish, Northgate, Hendra and Hamilton Brisbane. Luke and Carolyn McCormack are parents of six beautiful children. Luke is former chair of the Emmanuel Community Advisory Board and a former senior supervisor of NET ministries. Luke holds a Bachelor of Theology and Science with a dip.Ed, and is the State Director of the Australian Family Association. Carolyn is a former NET staff member and founder of Mother Effect and has been active in her previous role as a parish associate, she is currently a full time carer of her family. Carolyn continues to be highly active in various ministries in particular furthering the growth of ‘Mother Effect’ throughout Australia.

This diocese has reviewed and welcomed Encounter School of Ministry

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

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News & Events:

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Healing Service: Indooroopilly Brisbane

Attendees experienced the power of Jesus Christ with improvement and complete release from the effects of illness. He is alive and He continues to heal through His Church! At this event Jesus miraculously healed bodies (and hearts) in awesome ways. This event focused on Jesus’ desire and power to  physically heal.

Online Healing Service:

An awesome online event with local and Asia Pacific attendees. This event focused on the power of God to minister physical healing across multiple geographies concurrently. Follow our Facebook page and forthcoming events with expectation that Jesus desires to act powerfully for love of his Fathers children and to glorify the Father.

Summer Intensive: August 2023 (dates TBA)

The Summer Intensive Conference is an evening school that provides a survey of the content offered in the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over a fast four day period.  The content covered includes Identity & Transformation, Power & Healing, Hearing God & The Prophetic Gifts, Inner Healing & Freedom.   ***Enquiries/Register by email brisbane@encounterschool.org**

ust some of the testimonials of immediate miraculous healings

Grace attended our most recent ESM function on Saturday evening. She had been experiencing ‘major pain’ in her right wrist and had been complaining to co-workers that day “I thought I had broken my wrist it was hurting that badly”.
“When (you) start(ed) words of knowledge, I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if he mentioned ‘x’ first’. I kid you not, the first word (of knowledge) given was ‘female, right wrist injury, shooting pain’.”
On hearing the word of knowledge, Grace experienced immediate pain relief and on Sunday morning advised progressive improvement and she was 90% pain free.
Glen planned on serving on a prayer team at our ESM event. Glen has had 10 years of pain when walking, as a result of a skateboarding injury. Glen seriously injured his left big toe and the outside bone of his foot. 
On Saturday evening a word of knowledge was spoken “broken big toe, left foot” and “foot, broken bone”. On hearing the word of knowledge Glen experienced an immediate miraculous healing of both painful injuries, and is walking pain free for the first time in 10 years. (Glen did still serve on a prayer team😁)
John has no cartilage in his knees, and is also planning to have replacement of both knees, he uses a device to assist his  walking. On Saturday evening a word of knowledge was spoken “Male, both knees, inside pain, left is worse”. John in faith claimed that word and began walking without assistance, within minutes he was joy filled and climbing up steps, which he has been unable to do for many years.
Erica has lived with a painful knee injury, the injury occurred many years ago. During the speaking of words of knowledge Erica experienced an immediate ‘50% improvement’, later that evening she attended one of the prayer teams, her knee pain reduced to zero.
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