Bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth

Learning in a new way that healing is God’s work and doesn’t depend on me has given me great freedom to speak the good news in boldness and confidence. Upon returning from the Encounter Conference, my husband and I went to the hospital to pray with friends of a family member. He has brain cancer and has been struggling for two years with chemo treatment. When we arrived at his room, he was slumped over and couldn’t move his right side. He was also bothered by a rash from the chemo treatment. After praying with him and sharing God’s enormous love and mercy for him, he was able to stand up. The next day we received this message from his wife:
Paul as had an amazing day of progress… and walked with the therapist and went up one step.. he is standing on his own and using the regular bathroom. He has absolutely no itching/ rash. First time in two months.

– Jean Mikelonis
Main Campus (Brighton)