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*Pre-school worship begins at 5pm

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Leadership Team

Deacon Joe Cooley

Deacon Joe Cooley is Director of the Encounter School of Ministry:  Boston Campus. Deacon Joe is married to Ceci and longs to stir revival in hearts and homes in Boston and beyond by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is passionate to see people come alive in their identity and gifting as a son or daughter of an amazing Father! He does computer security as a day job and is deeply involved with Unbound deliverance and marriage ministries. He and his beautiful bride are transplants from the Midwest. Deacon Joe was ordained to the permanent diaconate in 2016 and is currently assigned to St. Florence Parish in Wakefield. He is excited to see what the Lord has cooking in you! Come Holy Spirit!

Malinda Butz is a teacher on the Boston Campus team. She had a life-changing encounter with the Lord back in 2013 and has been in a passionate pursuit of more of Jesus ever since. She is passionate about seeing others have an encounter with the love and power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Led by the Lord, she sought out Encounter Ministries to learn and grow in partnering with the Holy Spirit in ministering to others. Her involvement with Encounter Ministries has helped her to connect with others who were like-minded in desiring to mature in love and faith and the promise of Jesus given to his disciples in John 14:12: “Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Ceci Cooley is a member of the leadership team. She desires to spread the Love of Jesus Christ and build up local communities through helping people take hold of their baptismal identity as sons and daughters of a Good Father.


Erin Cummings is worship lead for the Boston Campus. Erin is passionate about witnessing the Kingdom – here and now, as it is in Heaven. She seeks to lead others to embrace the truth of their identity as beloved sons and daughters of the King. The Good Lord knew that music was the way to her heart, using it to bring her back home to the Church and the safety of His heart about three years ago. She is beyond ecstatic to now be an instrument in His hands to do the same for others. Forever grateful to the Love that found her, Erin now strives in everything she does to bring that same Love to those around her. Come Holy Spirit!!

Mary Dumont is a member of the leadership team. It was in the mid-1990’s that Mary felt the call to ‘lean in’, discovering how a deeper relationship with the Lord brings greater joy and fullness of life. Her desire to bring this fullness of His loving call to so many others set her on fire to begin organizing retreats, and in 2015 she felt the call to ‘cast a wider net’. With a few close prayer warriors and the help of her spiritual director, Hope Conferences, Inc was born – an organization which holds large annual conferences in the greater Boston region focused on the re-igniting of this intimate relationship with Jesus.
Mary sees her involvement in the ENCOUNTER School of Ministry as the answer to the huge gap that’s been missing and longed for by so many for so long: “I went to that amazing conference – now what?” Now there is a powerful ongoing formation through the ENCOUNTER School of Ministry, unlike anything you’ve attended in the past….

Nick DiGiandomenico is a teacher on the Boston Campus team. His experience with Encounter School of Ministry has been an absolute game changer in his life. Thank you Jesus! He is excited to work with you and share all the great things Encounter School of Ministry offers so that you have an opportunity to undergo a game changing experience in your life. Come Holy Spirit!

This diocese has welcomed the Encounter School of Ministry.

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

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Applications open for Fall 2023 (Class of 2025)!

Do you feel a call from the Lord to advance the Kingdom, but need to be equipped to step out in boldness? Are you hungry for more? Each person is one encounter away from breakthrough, and you are invited to partner with the Lord to bring transformation into New England!

The Encounter School of Ministry is excited to announce student applications for the Fall of 2023 school year (Class of 2025)!  Come join us! We’re excited to partner with you for what the Lord wants to unleash!

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