My heart is on fire as I hear the teachings of each class. I finally start to know God the Father. I finally know who I am. I feel so full and feel whole. I have a very strong desire to bring all the people to His Kingdom. However I get frustrated as I am still in the process of renewal of mind.
As I shared my frustration and my eagerness to bring all the people to the Kingdom with Abba Father one day, I heard He said “Be patient with yourself as I am patient with you.” And then the words “Patience and Obedience” highlighted to me. He said ” I see your heart. I bless your heart. You are in the right track. Believe in me. Trust in me. If I want to bring my people to the Kingdom, I can do it in one second. Do whatever you are called to do at each moment and I will bless your YES. You may no know what you are doing and how it relates to building the Kingdom. But you will know at the end of time.”

– Flavia Fung
Online Campus