Are You There Lord?

In my early adult years, I questioned whether God was real. I had scales on my eyes and could not see God’s workings in my life. When it became obvious that my son had a disability and my marriage was falling apart, I was certain that God had sent this upon me. My mom taught my siblings and me as toddlers to pray day and night. However, for me, I read my prayers and hoped I would get lucky and God would answer. Today, I can see that every experience prepared me for this time with encounter ministries and my mom’s greatest gift to me was the gift of prayer. I can look back and see how God abundantly blessed me even when I doubted his existence. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, my prayers are from the heart now. I know that I am in the presence of God. He hears me. He answers my prayers. For the first time, I can say “Father, what is your heart for me in this matter? What is your heart for this person in this matter?” For years I have felt lead to contemplative prayer. I would struggle with just remaining silent in the presence of God and reading my litany of prayers. This past quarter, I surrendered to the silence and it is awesome. I found myself waking up and could wait to sit with my Lord. I finally asked his forgiveness for saying that he must have been dead. I know now that Jesus is alive and always with me. Sometimes in prayer, I feel like my body is on fire when I pray and I know it is the Holy Spirit. I feel like I have a God Wink moment in the upper room with Mother Mary and the Apostles on Pentecost Day. Through my participation in Encounter School Ministries, I have come to know that Yes, “God is There.” He has always been there. He will never leave me and when trouble comes, “Keep my eyes on Him.” He promises to never leave me. I know that he heals and I am not afraid to ask for healing for someone even if they are miles away. After praying, I wait for the call or message that God healed. I am so happy that I decided to participate in the Year 1 classes and plan to enter year 2.

– Linda Dangerfield
Louisiana Campus