Fill out this application form in its entirety. This includes a Christian Testimony, which should be no longer than 200 words. It should outline the major milestones of your life, including your Christian experience and your walk with God, from acceptance of Jesus through to your current journey with God.



After filling out the application, you will receive email confirmation that you have successfully submitted your application. Then you will receive information on the next steps in the process.

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If you have any questions about the process or need support in filling out this application, please do not hesitate to contact Nicko Suerte at nicko@encounterministries.us.

Ad Tracking - Encounter School of Ministry Application Form

Mailing Address

Personal and Spiritual Backround Information

Please include an email or phone number for the best way to contact your pastor. We will only contact your pastor if further recommendations are needed.
EX: healing ministry, deliverance ministry, inner healing, prophetic ministry, etc?
This Christian testimony should outline your relationship with God and your walk with Jesus, from when you first came to know Him through your discipleship to your current journey with Jesus.


Answering "Yes" to the following questions will NOT automatically disqualify the applicant.

Online Campus Questions

Students will be assigned to an online classroom based, in part, on their preferred day to participate in a weekly, evening Encounter video conference room. Of the following, which night of the week works best for your schedule? *
Will you have access to local spiritual care and support? This could be formal as formal as having a spiritual director or as informal as attending a local small group or having a spiritually mature Christian friend who is willing to help you process through what you're learning and pray with you when you experience spiritual difficulties. *
Attendance Policy: Students are required to attend at least 6 out of 8 of your Encounter zoom groups each quarter. Can you confirm your ability to fulfill this requirement? *
Would you like to be considered to serve as a small group leader for weekly Zoom Room small group discussions? Small group leaders would be responsible for facilitating, encouraging conversation and ensuring healthy group dynamics for during your small group prayer and discussions on homework, supplemental readings, and exercising the curriculum content. *

Student Profile and Tuition

Tuition includes BOTH access to the school of ministry and the cost of attending the annual Encounter Conference in January. NOTE: The Encounter School of Ministry does not currently offer scholarships or financial aid. It is the duty of each student to either pay or support raise their tuition expenses.
Students can listen to recordings of missed classes on the student dashboard.
The cost of attending the Encounter Conference is included in your tuition. The Encounter Conference is considered very important for the formation and ministry experience of our students.
Maximum upload size: 50MB
If accepted, you will receive a school ID badge with your name and headshot that will grant you access to the school.