A Stepping Stone!

This quarter was like a stepping stone in progressing in hearing the Holy Spirit and feeling Him more and more in my heart, my mind, my whole being. It’s a wonderful sensation where you feel transported and seated next to the Father in this beautiful place he prepared for me. I feel like a rocket that is propelled in the sky, and I am this rocket that God wants to propel in the world around me, starting with my surroundings (family, parish, neighbors, people I meet in any public space). Before, I was more scared to pray for people for healing, now I am more comfortable to do it and to take risks to do it. I surprise myself. That was my first transformation.

The second transformation is this new strength I feel now, instead of helplessness. I went through some very tough moments in my family through the mental sickness of my daughter. So many times, I felt falling down, lost, and this quarter gave me the energy to stand up again and to fight those feelings, to fight like a lion, gain the territory, like a true fighter, like the daughter of a King, King Jesus. I would like to add that God gave me this amazing grace of His Joy in my heart and with this joy I stand firm and stay rooted in the Love of Jesus, my ONLY KING. LONG LIVE THE KING !

– Leila Plante
Online Campus